Performative Environments 

This is a blog concerning the research project, Performative Environments, investigating how modern communication technology can be used to improve local interaction between humans and environment and in specific directed towards the development of technology and methods to be incorporated in city design and architecture. In connection with this the project works from the principals of interactive environments, where the integration of digital technology in buildings as well as the development of new digital simulation tools and intelligent building components make the individual citizen able to affect the functionality and expression of the architecture of the city and thereby locally individualize and change the environment.

The research project assumptions are with this as well that the increased utilization of digital communication and pervasive computing will contribute to environments more open to change and able to be reconfigured according to the present people and network at the given moment. In this way performative environments focuses on the actions between humans and buildings and thereby how design can become a dynamic active for the city environment, instead of focusing on the static appearance in the city. A performative approach to city design is open and dynamic and causes a continuous communication and exchange between the local environment and the physical appearance of the building.

I hope you will enjoy the collected examples.

Bo Stjerne Thomsen
M.Sc.Eng., PhD Stud.
Aalborg University
Architecture & Design
Gammeltorv 6, 2nd
DK-9000 Aalborg
Phone: +45 28101122



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  1. Laura on

    This is a great topic… I will stay tuned in.

  2. donrenecito on

    nice blog, i add a link in

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