Hylozoid Soil, Philip Beesley

Looking through the work of Philip Beesley Architects you might notice an architectural portfolio with somehow traditional but still very sensible and refined building projects. However going on to his installations and interest in stage design as well as listening to one of his amazing presentations of the works you can’t help notice his extreme sensibility towards the highly complex and performative organic installations that seems to live a life of their own.


How it performs:
Hylozoic Soil is the recent installation exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts as a spectacular machinic piece of work which responds to every little movement of the observer. The installation made of more than 70.000 laser-cut components set alive by proximity sensors, microcontrollers, capacitance sensors, actuators and shape-memory alloys makes the whole space hunting you like a big beasty and floating web. When passing through the installation small movements are triggered which again influence other impulses in the structure making you realize the impact on a complex system.

More information at:
Philip Beesley Architects



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