Homographies, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

The mexican artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is representing some of the most impressive interactive installations open for public involvement using new technologies and custom interfaces. Rafael combines different medias and mostly with a special emphasis on tracking to emphasize the collective participation in public spaces as very personal and emotional experiences. homograhies_1.jpg

How it performs:
Homographies was installed at the Sydney Biennale 2006 as a ceiling of 144 fluorescent tubes controlled by a computerized surveillance system indicating a space determined by flow and motion. When one person is entering the space the light fixtures are pointed towards the person as a magnetic field of influence. When two or more people are entering the space, the system is using the fixtures to try to ´bridge´ the people by making light corridors between them, and as many people enter the space complex patterns begin to arise from the collective interference of the surveillance system. As in many of Lozano-Hemmers installations, the fixtures will at some point go into a random mode and reveal the logic behind the system for the audience.

More information at:
Please contact Rafael for the use of high-res images.


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