LoRez-HiFi, MYStudio

Low Rez – Hi Fi is an interactive project by MY Studio that activates the sidewalk and engages the pedestrians by creating a new environment that occupies the interface between the public space and the interior. The project installed in Washington is one of the sometimes rare interactive pieces which both looks and acts in a very appealing and engaging way to the influence of the audience.


How it performs:
The project consists on the one hand of a full scale LED matrix as an information screen (Lo-Rez) acting upon the movements of passersby, which is a more traditional way of interacting with flow, however realized in a very refined way. On the other hand a field of interactive sound poles (Hi-Fi) are installed in the public space in front of the building, which invites the public to play musical notes when touching the poles in different heights and then emitting a series of unique sound samples by composer Eric Carlson acting as an urban instrument. The individual touches of the poles are networked to a related sound from another pole as triggering and at the same time being part of an installation that responds in both in sound and image.LowRez_HiFi

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