Kinecity seems like a really interesting collaboration that are worse following in the future. They have recently realized an interactive wall on 7 World Trade Center, which creates patterns when people passing by, but some of the unrealized projects might be even more interesting to follow. 

7 World Trade Center

How it performs:
The Comment Wall is intended as an urban bulletin board where people are able to write their thoughts directly on a wall touch screen to be saved in an urban diary. The system should be able through camera-recognition to specify the indicated information only for the individual users, where the information will fade away as soon as people are leaving their personal messages.The Dey Street Tunnel is an increasingly common phenomenon of interactive wall facades as it is a pedestrian tunnel that animates according to the people walking by. However the indicated design with the LED patterns within the reflecting screen seems promising for tunnel, as well as each individual walker are provided with a special pattern to exchange with the other visitors.
The artist for the design is James Carpenter Design Assoc. and the interactive design done by Kinecity Llc.
Comment Wall

Street Tunnel 2

More information at:
Kinecity Llc.
James Carpenter Design Associates Inc.


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