Open Burble, Usman Haque

Open Burble is one of the more recent installations from Usman Haque where he exemplifies how performative installations can become collective environments. The installation consisted of a large structure of balloons designed and assembled by the participants and commissioned by the Singapore Biennale 2006 with the premiere on Sept 1, 2006.



Credit: Eng Kiat Tan / Haque Design + Research

How it performs:
With the Open Burble a large number of connected balloons are launched to the sky with each balloon equipped with LED light and connected to an electronic system. The design of the colour patterns and interactions are carried out together with the citizens assembling the modular system to one collective whole. When the total construction is launched it can be positioned and the light adjusted according to the participants movements on ground where the individual actions are initiating echoes of light through the overall Burble. The main performative experiences occurs when each individual action becomes an integral part of the overall spectacular experience.

Credit: Eng Kiat Tan / Haque Design + Research

Credit: Haque Design + Research

Credit: Eng Kiat Tan / Haque Design + Research

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  1. […] It’s pitiful how many people are too old to get excited. I confess I “have failed to grow up”. I got excited like a child when stumbled upon OPEN BURBLE [see here]. […]

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