Kunsthaus Graz, Spacelab Cook-Fournier

The new Kunsthaus in Graz has been announced as a ´friendly alien´, where the building is occupying a dense space in the historical district of Graz. The media façade developed by Realities United is a special system to illuminate the outer skin as an electronically changing façade in opposition to the interior ´black box´ museum.

Credit: Nicolas Lackner

How it performs:
The media façade of the building is acting both as advertisement for the museum in relation to exhibitions and events as well as it becomes a media for experimenting artists and visitors. The group Realities United developed the Bix system for this building as a matrix of fluorescent lamps that can be dimmered and controlled on the outer façade as a communicative display and low-resolution screen. Using the Bix system the façade becomes an experimental tool for artists however also at the same time one of the most important brands and identity related elements of Kunsthaus Graz.
Realities United has extended their experiments with their software Bix into other projects at e.g. Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

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  1. De referir que a moda do afro não é recente. http://rustindex.com.br/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=157018

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