The Blinklights project was originally a light installation built for the 20th birthday of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Berlin. The light installation was installed in the “Haus der lehrers” (House of the Teacher) office building at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin to become at that time one for the biggest interactive computer displays. The next project was the Arcade installed in the Bibliotheque nationale de France in Paris, where the 20 x 26 windows of the building was installed with screens and halogen lighting to make it a large interactive screen.

Credit: Harald & Erhard Fotografie

How it performs:
During the event where the interactive installation occupied the facades, the building was turned into an Arcade game where it was possible to play the classic computer games on one of the towers of the National Library. At the same time the interactive software was extended to include public participation where people could create own animations and pictures to upload to the façade as well as doing experiments in sending individual messages to the urban screen from mobile phones. In this way the building became an urban media for both events and social groupings around the city.
The software has been further developed and extended into other applications.

Credit: Harald & Erhard Fotografie

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